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FPG is open to all independent food service facility owners, operators and restaurant equipment buyers. Without regard to facility type or annual volume. Call us for any quotes needed. At Foodservice Purchasing Group the customer always comes first. Choose us for all your restaurant equipment needs. Call us direct at 1-800-471-1121


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FPG is a division of Bay Equipment & Supply Inc. It is a distributorship with over 35 years experience in the restaurant equipment industry. The management of FPG comprises successful restaurant equipment dealers, distributors, independent restaurant owners, franchise restaurant developers. We focus on the collective purchasing potential that the FPG represents. FPG continues to be successful in negotiating the best available pricing on most restaurant equipment items.
Call us toll free at 1-800-471-1121

Attention Restaurant Equipment Purchaser

Many FoodService Equipment Manufacturers are adopting “Map Pricing” (minimum advertised price). This practice prevents us from printing FPG’s lowest competitive pricing on many items. It is basically a method where the factory says you have to advertise a certain price. By doing this they force all dealers to show the same price. Please call us to see if we can quote a lower price on the product you need. Many times we can give deep discounts.

Buyers Tip: Lease Your Restaurant Equipment Purchase

Did you know you can apply for leasing on all your restaurant equipment purchases? Doing this will help you keep more cash in your pocket. This can help you in many ways. By keeping more operating cash you can use it for payroll for example. These are a few advantages in leasing restaurant equipment instead of purchasing. We work with a globally recognized leasing company. They help all our clients with leasing programs that fit their needs. Give us a call today for more information.

Experience That Matters

If you are in the process of purchasing restaurant equipment then please read this. Many times a person goes online and searched prices but forget something important. Who are you buying it from is an important question? It’s easy to find and demand the best price online. But how great would it be to buy from someone who was in your shoes before? That’s what our company represents. We not only offer great prices on restaurant equipment. We offer the ability to talk with industry veterans. They ask questions about your business and can help you make the best choice in the process. That level of service is priceless. This relationship helps in the future when your restaurant equipment has problems. It also is great when you need some type of help or question later on on a product. Give us a call today and see for yourself. Our main company website is online. Their you can see the same food service equipment available and more.

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